How long is the course?

  • That depends on which course you sign up for. For a list of course descriptions and durations check out the course description page.

How long is Certification good for?

  • The Red Cross certification courses we offer are valid for 3 years from the date issued on the card. Please note that some employers or workplaces may require you to recertify more often!

I’m certified with another organization can I recertify with Red Cross?

  • We can recertify CPR from other organizations but can’t recertify folks in First Aid if original course was not with Red Cross. You may however take a full course and become certified with the Red Cross at any time.

I missed the recertification date do I have to take a full course?

  • Yes. If you are outside of your recertification date you have to take a full course again. If, however, you have taken a full course and recertify within the 3 year period you only need to take the shorter recert.

What course should I take?

  • That depends on what you need. Some school programs and workplaces require specific courses and it if you are getting certified for those reasons check with them. You can also check out the Course Description page with more details on all the courses we offer or feel free to Contact Us and we can help you decide.

What does AED mean?

  • Automated External Defibrillator. They save lives and if you sign up for one of our First Aid or CPR courses you’ll learn how they work and get to practice using them.

How can I pay?

Do I need to pay before the course?

  • Yes. In order to be considered registered for the course you need to pay in full. There may be opportunities to pay the day of a course but there may not be a spot available unless you’ve made previous arrangements with us.

Do you offer custom courses?

  • Absolutely. If you would like us to come to your business or workplace Contact Us so we can set something up. We are also able to set up custom courses in Marine First Aid, CPR A and CPR HCP classes.

My work/school says I need CPR A. Do you offer that?

  • We can. Contact us for more details and pricing.

My work/school says I need CPR HCP. Do you offer that?

  • We can. Contact us for more details and pricing.